Web hosting enables businesses or individuals to make their websites or web pages accessible by posting them on the internet. One cannot make a website without having to go through a web hosting service provider, more commonly referred to as a web host. Web hosts are responsible for providing the technology necessary to ensure that a website is posted on the internet and is able to be viewed by other people. Therefore, when other people search for your website, web hosting services are responsible for providing servers that allow such people to access your web page.

There are many kinds of web hosting services, before getting these services it is important to know which service is best suited to your needs, so you can choose the right option for you. The types of web hosting services include:

  • Website Builders

Website builders is a type of service that is best suited for beginners. If you don’t have a website and need help building one, a website builder hosting service will give you the help you need. They first provide you with an online interface on which you can further build your website to your desires and host your new website without the hassle of any further procedures.

  • Shared Hosting

This is the most common type of hosting service availed by many individuals and businesses alike. Shared hosting is when you are not the only person that uses a particular server, many other website owners along with yourself use a single server – hardware and software both. This is arguably the most convenient type of hosting service if you’re pressed for money since the running cost of the server is divided amongst all the website owners that use it.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting is when a particular server is limited to you. This may be a great option for people that require faster performance and more security even though they are responsible for the entire running cost of the server.

  • Collocated Hosting

Collocated hosting is when you purchase your own server and it is kept at a hosting service, this allows for full control over the server and its services, faster performance and the freedom to install anything you like, be it scripts or applications. If this is the service you avail, you will solely be responsible for your purchased server.


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