Since nearly every business is jumping the bandwagon of opening up an e-commerce store; there is high demand for web hosting. There are many different forms of hosting, cloud web hosting, shared hosting as well as private web hosting. The increased demands of hosting services have introduced the concept of free web hosting services as well.

Though how much ever enticing the free web hosting service may seem like, the advantages of using a professional web hosting service cannot be compared in any way. The advantages are:

  • They are reliable. The professional web hosting services are very reliable. They ensure that the data that comes to your website is safe and secure.
  • They offer customer support. Many web hosting services do not have a proper customer support department. There are only foxed hours where you can contact and avail the services. When you take the help of a professional web hosting service, you are offered guidance as and when you require without any consideration for the hours as well.
  • They offer you complete control of your data or content. The professional web hosting services give you the freedom to customize your data as per your needs and want. They have no restrictions regarding the number of pages that is on your website or the amount of data that has been uploaded.
  • They offer the facility of having a domain and an exclusive email address. When you opt for a professional web hosting service, you are given a separate identity, you are not from the masses, and this plays well for your marketing strategy for your brand. You have the choice and ability to market your brand giving it the exclusivity.
  • You have the freedom to design the website as you want, with no restrictions. With hosting services that are free, the main issue is regarding the customizable feature of the website. You do not have much liberty with regards to changes that you may want in the design of the website. On the other hand, when you are using a professional web hosting service you have the option to customize the website as per your need and requirement and whenever you want to.
  • The domain can be used to have your e-mail id. The domain name that is provided to you can be used as an exclusive email id. Allowing you to market your brand.

•    They allow your website to be SEO-friendly.


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