The Biggest Website Mistakes – Having the Wrong Hosting

Before subscribing to a website hosting service, it is wise to make sure that the hosting service is reliable and supports your website need. Your choice of web hosting service can adversely affect the success of your site. There are some basic features that you must get with a hosting service.

The biggest website mistakes you should avoid at all costs

First and foremost, the web host should provide you with tools to that make it easy and quick to install your website. The hosting should have also make update and support of your site easy.

Other important factors to check out for include:

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1.    Not supporting WordPress

WordPress is widely adapted to make websites to develop websites that are theme based such as E-commerce websites, Dating websites, Corporate, Informative, Gallery, Blogging, Forums and many others. The availability of add-on plugins makes WordPress a rich development environment. If your hosting company supports WordPress, then you will have an option of choosing from a huge collection of templates and thus the chances of achieving a website with the look, feel and functionality of choice.

2.    Not owning your User Name and Password

The only way you can get control of your hosting is when you have the username and password for the control panel and the FTP access. Having access to the control panel is important. Functions such as creating files and deleting them, and accessing your email server configuration can only happen when you are logged in the control panel. So if another person has the username and password, then you are not in control of your website.

Ftp (File Transfer Protocol) on the other hand is the one that enables the uploading of files to your hosting and downloading them to your pc. Ftp allows you to deal with your files such as creating and deleting them. Hence, it is important to have both the username and password to the FTP.

3.    Not providing Multi-domain hosting

It is advisable to subscribe to a website that supports multi-domain hosting. Should you create a new website, the new site should be added to the hosting plan without you having to take out a new hosting plan for the new website. Though multi-domain hosting is more expensive compared to single domain hosting, it is advisable to subscribe to the multi-domain hosting from the start.

4.    Not checking website Reviews

Even if you come across a web hosting service that is cheap and claims to have the greatest features, it can be a big risk to subscribe to the service without researching on the company to find out whether the company is legit or scum. The best way to find out about the web host company is to read available reviews on the company. Specifically, you should look out for issues like complaints about poor customer service, complains concerning downtime, and complains about security-related problems like viruses.

5.    Not watching for restrictions

There are web hosting companies that will take you for a ride by pretending to provide unlimited service while the service is limited. They usually write the word unlimited in big letters but then in the fine print, they offer the exact bandwidth or disk space that you can use in a given month.

6.    Choosing a new company

It is a big blunder to subscribe to a hosting plan from a new company. A new company with no reviews is dangerous because you cannot ascertain whether they indeed provide the services that they claim to offer. New companies are eager to get customers and to drive sales, and so they are under pressure. They promise everything but down the line, they fail badly because there’s were more of an experiment and their lack of experience backfire causing subscribers huge losses.


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